Chevalier Torpez is the wine brand from an outstanding jewel of a vineyard located on Cap de Saint-Tropez, around the "village of light" famous for its timeless beauty. Our wines reflect the exceptional history of our village, its gorgeous natural setting, its love affair with the arts, and its exuberant men and women.

Celebrities, artists, and winegrowers have long contemplated and admired the magical views of this small fishing port that has become a world-renowned holiday resort. With their various cuvées, selections, estates, and châteaux, Chevalier Torpez wines tell this story. They represent a rich and dazzling universe, and the passion for our village of Saint-Tropez.


The name "Chevalier Torpez" on each of our bottles bears witness to the unusual destiny linking this great man to our village. Chevalier Torpez, patron saint and protector of Saint-Tropez, was a brilliant army officer at the time of the Roman emperor, Nero.

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He died a martyr's death in Pisa. His body was thrown into a fishing boat that ran aground on the shores of present-day Saint-Tropez in 68 AD.We have thus honoured this saint for over two thousand years. And for the past 460 years, the inhabitants of Saint-Tropez have paid homage to this exceptional man on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of May during the Fête de La Bravade.

The village is decorated in white and red at that time. We have reproduced these two colours and the saint's diadem on the label to symbolise the Chevalier Torpez's great courage.

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Our vineyards are unusual in that they are tended with the care and attention normally lavished on gardens. The vines are situated around the village of Saint-Tropez, encircling ancient fortifications and modern villas, and overlooking or bordering beaches and shores.

Incredibly beautiful panoramas encompassing both the surrounding countryside and the Mediterranean provide a striking backdrop and unique cachet to our Chevalier Torpez brand. Our climate is conducive to making excellent wines. The generous sunshine, maritime influence, and cool nights are perfect for ripening.Consisting of crystalline rock and granite, Saint Tropez features one of the oldest massifs in France. Combined with a unique microclimate, this terroir accounts for the strong identity and personality of Chevalier Torpez wines.


Founded in 1908, our cellar is located in the heart of the village. Generations of enthusiastic winegrowers, in love with their town and their vines, have made wine here. They embody a side of Saint-Tropez that goes beyond trends and myths.


There are currently over a hundred winegrowers in Saint-Tropez, including various nationalities. They give our Chevalier Torpez brand a truly international dimension. Our members have nearly 200 hectares of vines around Saint Tropez, which they grow with great respect for the environment.In keeping with our village's image, we constantly seek innovative solutions to make the best possible wine, while taking pains to preserve its intrinsic character.

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Whether as an aperitif, with friends or family, in summer or winter, in Saint-Tropez or in locations all over the world, with exotic cuisine or at a gourmet restaurant... every occasion to taste a Chevalier Torpez wine is an opportunity to share the magic of our legendary village. There are several varieties of Chevalier Torpez wines: white and rosé, still and sparkling – an entire palette of colours and aromas corresponding to all of life's special moments, as well as a vast range of dishes.Chevalier Torpez red wines are very expressive, immediately pleasurable, and worthy of ageing. The top cuvées go well with strongly-flavoured foods such as stews, game, and cheeses with character. The Chevalier Torpez rosé wines, as bright and brilliant as our village, have a beautiful pale pink colour. They are delicious with Provençale cuisine and also accompany food from all over the world:

Thai dishes, Indian curry, Moroccan tajine, etc.The great white Chevalier Torpez wines, fermented in barrel, shine with goat's cheese, white meats, and truffles. Suggested serving temperature: 6-8°C.