Pose de la PREMIERE PIERRE à la nouvelle cave Chevalier Torpez 03/09/2018
Nous avons posé cet été la première pierre de notre nouvelle cave avec Alain Guichet, notre Directeur et Oenologue, David Bonnet, notre Président et en présence de la Mairie de Saint-Tropez qui renouvelle son soutien à ce projet emblématique. Merci au personnel et à tous ceux qui se sont rendus sur place pour l'évènement !
Festival Musical au Château la Moutte 03/09/2018
// ÉVÈNEMENT// Cet été a eu lieu le festival musical Les Nuits du Château de la Moutte où les spectateurs ont pu admirer la talentueuse soprane Patricia Petibon et pianiste Susan Manoff lors du Récital Exceptionnel le mardi 7 août. Émotion rare au Château de la Moutte.
Mastered harvest for a vintage and wines which promise to be generous and fruity 02/11/2016
The harvest by Cheval TORPEZ started on Thursday 25 August and ended on Thursday 22 September. One month for a 2016 « made-to-measure » grape-picking schedule ! Last winter was particularly mild, the warmest since 1900. The mimosa flowered in December and already in January the sap began running from the vine tendrils, announcing the end of winter. In the first two months of 2016 there was already a water shortage of between 200 and 300mm. Budding was early at the start of March, three weeks before the 2015 budburst. Then the nights became colder with rain during the day which partially resolved the water shortage problem. This cooling of temperatures slowed up the phenological advance and led to flowering at the end of May and early in June, which is almost at the same moment as in 2015, give or take a few days. The water shortage was still considerable, more than 100mm, despite a couple of rainstorms in late May and early June. The appearance of clusters was more promising than in 2015, with a little coulure on the Grenache, some pressure in terms of diseases such as mildew, and slightly more, on a case by case basis, for powdery mildew. The ripening began around mid-July, with high temperatures and a clear lack of rainfall. The grape bunches were looser and grape growth stopped, leading to smaller grapes than in 2015. The concentration of sugar was the same as in 2015, the acidities were higher, and the effects of hydric stress were observed in a few parcels. The harvest dates for each varietal followed almost the same pattern as every year, but the degree of maturity of the grapes differed more than usual from one parcel to another. Therefore the traditional harvesting schedule for each parcel was abandoned and the priority given to making sure that the grapes were harvested at optimal maturity. The grapes were protected from the oxygen in the air as soon as they arrived in the cellars and during pressing they liberated juices which were already pleasant, crisp, and high in fruit. The thermo-regulated alcoholic fermentation was very slow, and the wines were then stirred and matured on fine lees to amplify the finesse, aromatic elegance, volume, and complexity on the palate. The final blending of the different vats will allow a harmonious construction of each cuvée for an ultimate expression of each terroir.
Harvest started in Saint-Tropez ! 25/08/2016
August 25, 2016 : At 4am today, the harvest started officially for les Vignobles de Saint-Tropez. The very high temperatures of thèse last few days really benefited the Grenache et Tibouren varieties. A qualitative harvest is announced !
Great gourmet tips in Saint-Tropez from Alain Guichet 19/08/2016
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